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This site will be all about the Con Man , Fraud Jim O Rear who claims to be in the Entertainment Industry {an Industry we are actually in} . Jim claims to have worked on big budget films and is said to have acted or been a part of several major motion pictures. However all the Major films that Jim is said to have been in , he is uncredited. He is uncredited because he was never in them. The Producer and Production company of The Romero classic Day Of The Dead recently at a convention stated that Jim O Rear was never part of the film, though Jim tells everyone who will listen that he was a part of the film. Jim also claims to represent certain Talent which he does not represent. Jim O Rear is a compulsive and habitual liar and in all our working experiences with him he is not who he says he is. He constantly misrepresents himself.      - Link which talks all about Jim asking Tom Savini to lie for him and tell fans that Jim was part of the film Day Of The Dead, when Jim was not involved at all.     - Another post which discusses Jim O Rear being discriminatory against convention fans . Conventions where Jim lies about his credits to promoters who are inept and actually believe every word he says when he has never worked on the films he said he has worked on

Jim recently got in trouble with the law for raping a woman and abusing her. He also is being investigated for defamation of character and slander right now as well .

Stay Tuned to this site as it will be all factual information regarding the Con Artist and Fraud that is Jim O Rear. People like Jim are a cancer to the business .